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Software Engineer


I'm a software engineer with 4+ years of experience, working with various technologies and tools such as Android, Java, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Amazon Web Services and others. I like teamwork, learn new things and share knowledge. I also like to contribute in open source projects, best coding practices, clean code, SOLID principle and design patterns.

In my free time, I play electric guitar in some bands and at home as well. I also like to play Counter-Strike Global Offensive with my brother and some friends, and I have a wife and a little daughter that I love too much.


INEC (2018 - present) Android Software Engineer

Definition of the Android projects architecture and the stack of technologies to use, technical leader and team manager.

IVIA (2017 - 2018) Android Developer

Development of the mobile applications built in Android native and Xamarin Forms, JavaEE web services and manage DB2 and SQL Server databases.

Startup ITA2W (2015 - 2016) Technical Leader

Technical leader, team manager, Android / Java developer and Jenkins CI manager.

Insystem (2014 - 2017) Java Developer

Java and JavaScript developer, creation of iReport reports and SQL queries.


State University of Ceará 2018 - present

Master's degree in Computer Science.

State University of Ceará 2016 - 2017

Specialization course in Software Engineering with emphasis in Software Patterns.

Estácio University Center 2013 - 2015

Graduation in Software Analysis and Development.


Project Convalida

A field validation library for Android.

View on GitHub

Project Android MVVM Databinding Kotlin

A simple Android application project using MVVM + Data Binding + Retrofit + RxJava and written in Kotlin.

View on GitHub

Project Spring Boot Kotlin Demo

A simple REST API using Spring Boot + JPA + Flyway + Spring Tests and written in Kotlin.

View on GitHub

Project GitHub Users Android

A simple Android application to find GitHub users and their repositories.

View on GitHub

Project GitHub Users React

A simple React application to find GitHub users and their repositories.

View on GitHub


  • Java
  • RESTful
  • Spring Boot
  • JPA
  • FlyWay
  • PostgreSQL
  • Android
  • Kotlin
  • Android Databinding
  • ButterKnife
  • Dagger 2
  • Retrofit
  • RxJava
  • Realm
  • SQLite
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Vue.js
  • Node.js
  • Express
  • Webpack
  • AWS
  • Jenkins
  • Linux

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